If you ever choose to travel to Lovina, there are a few good places to stop and eat. The adventure will have surely made you hungry. And what better way to enjoy yourself then tasting fine meals and discovering the amazing delicacies of North Bali? Here are some notable examples of great places to eat in Lovina.

Warung Lina

“Eat here once, you will come here again.” Warung Lina can offer you tasty Chinese, Indonesian, and seafood. The restaurant is east of the beach. What makes it famous amongst locals and tourists alike are the famous ribs. Other means include grilled fish with garlic sauce, nasi goring, steaks, and much more. Stop by and dine in. You will not be sorry.

Tip: the earlier you arrive – the better. Waiting for the food usually takes awhile, but it is worth it.

Mister Bean Drinks Snacks Food Corner

With a beautiful view of the sea, and low local prices, you will do well to stop by, rest, and get a small meal. The restaurant lies next to the main road which is a convenient location for travelers. What makes this place so special? Its speed! Food and drinks are served faster than any other place in the region. Some tasty choices from the menu are: chicken sate, hamburgers, pizza, tortilla wrap, or Dutch meatballs. You should order a fruit juice while relaxing.

Buda Bakery & Resto

Without a doubt, it is one of the best restaurants in Lovina. Here, you will find a great combination of international and local meals. The menu includes everything from nasi goreng to pizza and sandwiches. Be sure to taste the amazing curry. If possible, save a seat on the top level, as there is a stunning view of the mountain.

Tip: make sure to plan your trip before coming here, as Buda Bakery & Resto is further away from the beach than any other place in our list. You can use the restaurant’s shuttle pick up service.

Café Greco

Café Greco is famous for its fresh and healthy drinks. Here, you will find real Dutch and English meals. The staff is friendly, and the service time is short. Café Greco also serves the best ice coffee in town. It is also one of few places to serve moussaka.

The Global Village Kafe

Further south, you will find The Global Village Kafe. We didn’t include it in the list simply for its amazing food. It has something more to offer. It is a special atmosphere. Here, everyone is welcome. The differences between us do not matter. The décor is beautiful, and the location is central – you can visit here easily from any place within Lovina. When you arrive, there will be many options to choose from. You can try chicken souvlaki, falafel wrap, samosa, Gado Gado, an apple pie, or even a pepperoni pizza.


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