The nature in Bali is diverse and tropical and at Villa Bloom you will be in the midst of nature. 

Rice paddies, mountains, banana trees, coconut palms, cacao trees, mango trees, papaya, chilies, bamboo this is all at or just around Villa Bloom. Butterflies and birds love to welcome guests to a new day at the villa. The view on the Bali Sea is always present and the colours of the water change during the day.

Sunrise and sunset are magical moments where the sky regularly reddens and the sun sinks into the sea. 

At Villa Bloom we understand how it is to travel with small children. You want to relax, but also there is this tingling feeling inside of you that you want to explore nature, other cultures and even do off-the-beaten track activities like you did before those precious ones where born. You want to make the most of your holiday; it is possible!

Villa Bloom is a short drive away from the beaches of Lovina. There are small coral reefs a few hundred meters off Lovina beach. There is plenty of different variety of fish to view.

The sea in the Lovina area is calm, and spinner dolphins love to swim just outside the bay, because of this calmness and the ample food for the dolphins.

Spinner dolphins can jump and spin in the air which is a truly magical experience if you start your day watching this. 

The area around Lovina and Villa Bloom has several waterfalls, some of them can be easily reached with a short walk through lush nature. Most well-known waterfalls are the Aling-Aling, Sing-Sing, Sekumpul and GitGit. Especially the gorge where the Aling-Aling waterfall is situated has 5 more waterfalls, that can be seen with a trekking through rice paddies, hills and jungle forest. 

Going up the hill from Villa Bloom there is mountain lakes, situated in old volcano craters, with clear water and a mystical atmosphere. The forests have diverse vegetation and many lakes and forests around are considered sacred. At the different lakes there is old temples that signify the meaning of nature to the Balinese people. 

The North side of Bali also has Menjangan island, that can be visited with a day trip from Villa Bloom. The wide variety in coral formations and the abundance of fish, in combination with the easy conditions for snorkelling and diving, make this island one of the best places to dive and snorkel in Bali. Occasionally turtles are spotted in the Lovina area, and close to Menjangan island is a turtle hatchery where children love to learn about the hatching process and they can release baby turtles into the water. 

Villa Bloom Bali facilitates as much as possible activities in nature with  children. There is an abundance of safe and engaging activities to do. 

The sea view, mountain view, the tropical gardens and natural surroundings of Villa Bloom provide people with a feel of wholeness and unity. 

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