Our epic family mastermind villa in Bali

Our epic family mastermind villa in Bali

Bali Villa Bloom offers excellent opportunities for relaxation with your family. Our villa lies just outside Lovina, North Bali. The location is perfect for people who want to forget about their tense lifestyles and enjoy themselves. The mastermind retreat is especially good for small children, as there are so many fun activities!

So, what can you do during the vacation in your epic family mastermind retreat?

Practice yoga

You can start the day with a small yoga session. There is nothing better than that. Afterward, you will be energized to the maximum and ready for the new adventures. And, always remember to smile while meditating. Breathe in the fresh air and free yourself from any burdens. The villa is comfortable for practicing yoga.

Relax by having at least one session a day. Enjoy the experience while listening to nature’s harmony. You will relieve yourself from stress and improve your overall health.

Escape from the everyday distractions

We have an amazing infinity pool which will help your family relax and forget about any distractions.

Life in the city can be tough, and having to take care of your family is tiring. After the vacation, you will be rested and able to fully focus on your new adventures.

Spend some quality time with your family

Disconnect from the outside world while staying at your mastermind retreat. It will be just you and your family. Together. Without any distractions.

You can freely talk about anything. Discuss what happened during the previous days or what interesting plans you have for the upcoming days. Such conversations will help in maintaining a strong family bond.

Our mastermind villa offers excellent cuisines

The meals at Bali Villa Bloom are delicious and there is something for everyone; no matter the personal taste. Our healthy meals include vegan, vegetarian, raw food, ayurvedic, and macrobiotic cooking styles.

Feel free to check out our selection of cookbooks and pick anything you want to try out.

You will learn a lot about Balinese culture

From here, you will be able to prepare and partake in trips around North Bali. Exploring the lush and green landscape is good for both mental and physical health. There are many wonderful temples, museums, restaurants, and other attractions in the area. You and your family will have a great time! And, the kids will absolutely love this place.

Visit Bali Villa Bloom and enjoy your stay. Epic family mastermind retreat.