The best infinity pool activities at your Bali Villa

The best infinity pool activities at your Bali Villa

Bali Villa Bloom in Lovina, North Bali has the perfect infinity pool for your vacation. The view is breathtaking. From here, you can see the forest, beach, and the ocean. There are also many infinity pool activities for you to enjoy during your vacation. Here are some great examples.

The best infinity pool activities at your Bali VillaKids’ slider

The infinity pool activities include a kids’ slider. Your children will love it! The slider is both fun and safe. Check out this blog post to learn more about all the fun activities for kids at our villa.

Diving or casual swimming

The infinity pool offers excellent opportunities for some diving. Improve your diving skills, or demonstrate how good you are – the infinity pool is the perfect place for it! If you simply prefer to stay in the water and flow – that’s perfectly fine as well! While inside the infinity pool, you will have a unique view as if the pool is endless and connected to the sea.

Watching the view

As we mentioned earlier, the view is amazing. Whenever you look, you will discover the colors blue, white, and green. Our villa is a retreat about Lovina, and you can see pretty much everything from up here! There are great opportunities for taking some beautiful pictures to share with your family and friends after you come back.The best infinity pool activities at your Bali VillaReading next to the pool

What’s more relaxing than taking a good book and lying next to the pool? You can read all you like. The infinity pool is large, so if someone wants to go for a swim or dive in the meanwhile, they won’t spray any water on you.

BBQ and drinking

You are going to love our villa’s special sunset BBQ. Imagine this – having a nice, cool drink while the sun kisses the sea; the kids are playing in the garden and the pool reflects the golden sunlight. At Bali Villa Bloom, we can make this a reality.

The best infinity pool activities at your Bali Villa

Other infinity pool activities to do in the meanwhile

You can also practice yoga, get a nice and relaxing massage, or participate in traditional Balinese dance. Our infinity pool has something to offer for everyone – even if they do not like swimming! Whether you are enjoying the beautiful sights, diving, having a BBQ or reading a book by the pool, you will never get bored!


Bali Villa Bloom is the right choice for your family vacation in Indonesia. We can offer everything you need for an amazing adventure. Our menu has something tasty for everyone, and the children will never get bored. Our prices are affordable for any family budget. From our villa, you can partake in different adventures across North Bali every day. Concact us if you have any questions.

Top 20 kid-friendly activities to do during your Bali Family Holiday

The island of Bali offers great opportunities for adventure. There are countless fun activities for everyone, and especially the children. If your family wants to have a good time, this is the right place. Without further ado, here are the top 20 kid-friendly activities for your family holiday in Bali.

the top 20 kid-friendly activities for your family holiday in Bali

Here are the Top 20 kid-friendly activities to do during your Bali Family Holiday

  1. One of the most fun activities in North Bali would be to go dolphin watching. You can do it at the bay in Lovina. The sea waters are usually calm and attract different species of dolphins all year round.
  2. Practice yoga with your family. You can do it right here, at our villa. It is a fun activity for people of all ages, and can definitely teach your children some important values.
  3. You can attend a short cooking class with the kids. Our chef Penny will teach them some cool facts about food.
  4. Perhaps you should try palm reading. What could the future hold for you and your family?
  5. Visiting the local Buddhist temple is a good idea, as the kids will surely learn more about Bali’s colorful history.
  6. You can go to the Bali Treetop Adventure Park in Bedugul. There are tracks and zip lines for kids. Trust us on this one – the children will love this place.
  7. Go to Funtastic Land – an amazing theme park for families. Here, they can practice different water sports and shop for rare charms and trinkets.
  8. Visit some of the beautiful waterfalls in North Bali like Aling-Aling.
  9. At the villa, the children can play different sports. There is a nice field for activities such as football.
  10. Or, the children can stay inside and play all sorts of fun games. There are enough toys to go around. Our playroom is colorful and full of excitement.
  11. You can always go on a walk around town. Remember – walking is healthy.
  12. The infinity pool is both safe and amazing. The entire family can swim freely while watching the beautiful scenery.
  13. We also have special snorkeling gear for kids.
  14. You and your family can BBQ at the swimming pool while discussing what happened during every new adventure.
  15. Perhaps you can leave the children watching DVDs – we have a large collection.
  16. Painting can help develop analyzing skills.
  17. If you plan on going to the beach, building sand castles is always fun an exciting – especially if you make it into a competition of who can build the best castle!
  18. Set up a puppet theatre.
  19. Try bread painting. It is art you can eat.
  20. Traveling to nearby towns and villages can also be fun, as the children will see and learn many new things every day.

Staying at Bali Villa Bloom is an excellent choice. Children absolutely love it. Our villa is perfect for relaxation after a full day of fun.

Why choose a villa in Lovina, North Bali?

Indonesia is a regional leader when it comes to tourism – there were more than 12 million visitors in 2016 alone, and that number can easily reach 20 million by 2020. The country offers countless smaller destinations, and the most famous one of them all is Bali. The island is excellent for all kinds of tourism – cultural, religious, medical, adventure travel, and more. There are many options to choose from for your vacation. While the south is by far the center of entertainment and preferred choice for large organized tours, the north has something special of its own.

Why is a vacation in Lovina the right choice?

Why choose a villa for your vacation in Lovina, North Bali?Bali’s north side is completely different from the rest of the island. Unlike the south, this region is more peaceful – the perfect place for a small retreat. North Bali offers excellent opportunities for relaxation, recreation, and exotic sports like snorkeling, diving, or mountain climbing.

Lovina is a shining jewel. Its long and beautiful beaches are made of black volcanic sand. The town has excellent villas for any taste or budget. Whether you love embarking on exploration trips alone, or want to spend quality time with your family, you will always find a suitable host.

One great option would be to rent Bali Villa Bloom. If you are looking for somewhere to relax with your family, this is the right place. There are a number of reasons why Bali Villa Bloom is the wisest choice for your vacation.

The delicious food

Why choose a villa for your vacation in Lovina, North Bali?Our personal chef can prepare all sorts of means. Whatever your personal taste might be, you will surely find something delicious to enjoy. The main menu includes both Western and Asian recipes. One of the best ways to enjoy your vacation would be to have a sunset BBQ, right next to the pool. In the company of your family while the night approaches. Try to picture the magical scene and how wonderful everyone would feel.

Harmony with nature

Why choose a villa for your vacation in Lovina, North Bali?From rice paddies to banana and coconut trees – the landscape is beautiful. Our humble villa is in the midst of it all. You can actually feel the spirit of Bali. The wildlife is ever-present here.

You can also partake in trips across the region. Travel to some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, or explore the wilderness. And, don’t forget – Lovina Beach is also close.

Fun activities for the kids

Why choose a villa for your vacation in Lovina, North Bali?Kids absolutely adore this place! And for good reasons. We have a soccer field, a large garden to freely run around, and an amazing infinity pool with a slide. They can also stay inside and watch movies or listen to their favorite music while playing with the toys. The children will never get bored because there is always something fun and exciting to do!


Are you planning your next vacation? Is Lovina on your mind? Bali Villa Bloom is a great choice. We have affordable prices for any family budget. There are a total of four different packages – standard, standard +, all inclusive, and all inclusive +.

Don’t forget to check out our gallery as well.

The best infinity pool activities at your Bali Villa

Bali Villa Bloom has a large infinity pool with excellent conditions for relaxation and different fun activities. Our goal is ensuring you have an amazing experience!

infinity pool north bali

Some of the activities you or your children can do at your infinity pool are:

  • Playing with the kids’ slider. As an essential part of any playground, kids absolutely love the slider.
  • Diving. There is nothing more relaxing than taking a quick swim. We can arrange swimming instructions as well.
  • Watching the beautiful view. The scenery is adorable and there is a clear view from our infinity pool. Bali is an exceptionally beautiful island. Everything blends nicely with a perfect picture!
  • Drinking or reading by the pool. Enjoy a glass of Kintamani Arabica cappuccino or some espresso. Take a nice book and read next to the pool. The peaceful setting is perfect for this.
  • Get a nice massage. Some Balinese techniques include acupressure, hot stone massages, body scrub, or firm and gentle stroking.
  • BBQ by the pool. Having a nice meal by the pool is a great way to spend some time with your family. Our menu is rich and has something delicious for everyone.
  • Doing traditional Balinese dances. You can practice and learn many of the local dancing styles like Barong, Kecak, Jangar, Legong, or Cendrawasih.
  • Practicing yoga. Learn different yoga styles right here at our villa. If you’ve never done anything like this – do not worry. The yoga classes are adjusted to your level, to make it easier if you are new. The garden next to the infinity pool is an excellent location.

Bali Villa Bloom has an amazing infinity pool

Our infinity pool is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the fine scenery and relax under the sun. Experience the best North Bali has to offer, from your friendly family villa outside the beautiful village of Lovina.

infinity pool north bali

The pool’s tiles are not slippery. Your children’s safety is our main concern.

Bali Villa Bloom is a great choice for families, as not only the infinity pool, but the entire house is designed to entertain kids.

The Infinity pool is not all. We can offer you so much more. Here, you will have access to delicious, healthy food, unlimited WiFi, tight night-time security, and everything you need to have a grand time. You will have an amazing holiday at our luxurious villa.

Villa Bloom Bali - Logo, infinity pool north bali

Visit Bali Villa Bloom and enjoy your stay.

We are awaiting your arrival.



Children simply love Villa Bloom Bali. They don’t want to leave and they like to take the staff to their home country. Why is Villa Bloom so suitable for families with children

Villa Bloom is fully equipped for kids. From our own experience we understand how practical that is. The villa provides a baby cot, a baby bed, 2 baby chairs and children’s tableware. There is 2 toddler/kids life jackets available. We have 2 baby car seats and 1 booster for safe transport, and 2 kids helmets would you rent a motorbike.

There is plenty of toys, from duplo blocks, puzzles, books and colouring sets, to games, cars, dolls and a train track play set.

This is a unique feature of Villa Bloom and keeps children really entertained, as they tend to miss playing with toys on their holidays, or they get bored with just the few toys they could bring from home.

There is beach toys, and a ‘castle’ with slide into the pool.  The pool has a shallow part so that children can gain confidence with swimming first. 

The pool is situated two levels down from the main house with non-slippery tiles all over the property.

Kids will be grateful because there is space for Parkour and Free Running in the garden, and play-areas situated all over our 3,500 sqm property. It’s carefree and safe. There is a mini soccer field in the garden.

Children jump in the pool and love the marsh mallows on the BBQ. And all you parents have to do is find peace of mind, Relax and get a Massage while the Private Chef prepares a Healthy Dinner or Sunset BBQ.

There is plenty of DVD’s, a loudspeaker (kids disco!) and beach toys. The villa provides snorkelling gear for kids. Our manager and chef Penny is available for babysitting, if parents like to have a dinner or massage together in town.

Children at the villa are never bored and also like to join in activities like cooking classes and ‘helping’ in the kitchen. Our daughter Isis made a video about the nearby town of Singaraja, that can be seen below. And one of our guests children was so enthusiastic about the Villa Bloom, she made a short video show below too. 

Just because children love it so much at Villa Bloom, here is a few extra pictures