The best infinity pool activities at your Bali Villa

The best infinity pool activities at your Bali Villa

Bali Villa Bloom in Lovina, North Bali has the perfect infinity pool for your vacation. The view is breathtaking. From here, you can see the forest, beach, and the ocean. There are also many infinity pool activities for you to enjoy during your vacation. Here are some great examples.

The best infinity pool activities at your Bali VillaKids’ slider

The infinity pool activities include a kids’ slider. Your children will love it! The slider is both fun and safe. Check out this blog post to learn more about all the fun activities for kids at our villa.

Diving or casual swimming

The infinity pool offers excellent opportunities for some diving. Improve your diving skills, or demonstrate how good you are – the infinity pool is the perfect place for it! If you simply prefer to stay in the water and flow – that’s perfectly fine as well! While inside the infinity pool, you will have a unique view as if the pool is endless and connected to the sea.

Watching the view

As we mentioned earlier, the view is amazing. Whenever you look, you will discover the colors blue, white, and green. Our villa is a retreat about Lovina, and you can see pretty much everything from up here! There are great opportunities for taking some beautiful pictures to share with your family and friends after you come back.The best infinity pool activities at your Bali VillaReading next to the pool

What’s more relaxing than taking a good book and lying next to the pool? You can read all you like. The infinity pool is large, so if someone wants to go for a swim or dive in the meanwhile, they won’t spray any water on you.

BBQ and drinking

You are going to love our villa’s special sunset BBQ. Imagine this – having a nice, cool drink while the sun kisses the sea; the kids are playing in the garden and the pool reflects the golden sunlight. At Bali Villa Bloom, we can make this a reality.

The best infinity pool activities at your Bali Villa

Other infinity pool activities to do in the meanwhile

You can also practice yoga, get a nice and relaxing massage, or participate in traditional Balinese dance. Our infinity pool has something to offer for everyone – even if they do not like swimming! Whether you are enjoying the beautiful sights, diving, having a BBQ or reading a book by the pool, you will never get bored!


Bali Villa Bloom is the right choice for your family vacation in Indonesia. We can offer everything you need for an amazing adventure. Our menu has something tasty for everyone, and the children will never get bored. Our prices are affordable for any family budget. From our villa, you can partake in different adventures across North Bali every day. Concact us if you have any questions.

Why choose a villa in Lovina, North Bali?

Indonesia is a regional leader when it comes to tourism – there were more than 12 million visitors in 2016 alone, and that number can easily reach 20 million by 2020. The country offers countless smaller destinations, and the most famous one of them all is Bali. The island is excellent for all kinds of tourism – cultural, religious, medical, adventure travel, and more. There are many options to choose from for your vacation. While the south is by far the center of entertainment and preferred choice for large organized tours, the north has something special of its own.

Why is a vacation in Lovina the right choice?

Why choose a villa for your vacation in Lovina, North Bali?Bali’s north side is completely different from the rest of the island. Unlike the south, this region is more peaceful – the perfect place for a small retreat. North Bali offers excellent opportunities for relaxation, recreation, and exotic sports like snorkeling, diving, or mountain climbing.

Lovina is a shining jewel. Its long and beautiful beaches are made of black volcanic sand. The town has excellent villas for any taste or budget. Whether you love embarking on exploration trips alone, or want to spend quality time with your family, you will always find a suitable host.

One great option would be to rent Bali Villa Bloom. If you are looking for somewhere to relax with your family, this is the right place. There are a number of reasons why Bali Villa Bloom is the wisest choice for your vacation.

The delicious food

Why choose a villa for your vacation in Lovina, North Bali?Our personal chef can prepare all sorts of means. Whatever your personal taste might be, you will surely find something delicious to enjoy. The main menu includes both Western and Asian recipes. One of the best ways to enjoy your vacation would be to have a sunset BBQ, right next to the pool. In the company of your family while the night approaches. Try to picture the magical scene and how wonderful everyone would feel.

Harmony with nature

Why choose a villa for your vacation in Lovina, North Bali?From rice paddies to banana and coconut trees – the landscape is beautiful. Our humble villa is in the midst of it all. You can actually feel the spirit of Bali. The wildlife is ever-present here.

You can also partake in trips across the region. Travel to some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, or explore the wilderness. And, don’t forget – Lovina Beach is also close.

Fun activities for the kids

Why choose a villa for your vacation in Lovina, North Bali?Kids absolutely adore this place! And for good reasons. We have a soccer field, a large garden to freely run around, and an amazing infinity pool with a slide. They can also stay inside and watch movies or listen to their favorite music while playing with the toys. The children will never get bored because there is always something fun and exciting to do!


Are you planning your next vacation? Is Lovina on your mind? Bali Villa Bloom is a great choice. We have affordable prices for any family budget. There are a total of four different packages – standard, standard +, all inclusive, and all inclusive +.

Don’t forget to check out our gallery as well.

The best 5 places to eat in Lovina, North Bali

Places to eat

If you ever choose to travel to Lovina, there are a few good places to stop and eat. The adventure will have surely made you hungry. And what better way to enjoy yourself then tasting fine meals and discovering the amazing delicacies of North Bali? Here are some notable examples of great places to eat in Lovina.

Warung Lina

“Eat here once, you will come here again.” Warung Lina can offer you tasty Chinese, Indonesian, and seafood. The restaurant is east of the beach. What makes it famous amongst locals and tourists alike are the famous ribs. Other means include grilled fish with garlic sauce, nasi goring, steaks, and much more. Stop by and dine in. You will not be sorry.

Tip: the earlier you arrive – the better. Waiting for the food usually takes awhile, but it is worth it.

Mister Bean Drinks Snacks Food Corner

With a beautiful view of the sea, and low local prices, you will do well to stop by, rest, and get a small meal. The restaurant lies next to the main road which is a convenient location for travelers. What makes this place so special? Its speed! Food and drinks are served faster than any other place in the region. Some tasty choices from the menu are: chicken sate, hamburgers, pizza, tortilla wrap, or Dutch meatballs. You should order a fruit juice while relaxing.

Buda Bakery & Resto

Without a doubt, it is one of the best restaurants in Lovina. Here, you will find a great combination of international and local meals. The menu includes everything from nasi goreng to pizza and sandwiches. Be sure to taste the amazing curry. If possible, save a seat on the top level, as there is a stunning view of the mountain.

Tip: make sure to plan your trip before coming here, as Buda Bakery & Resto is further away from the beach than any other place in our list. You can use the restaurant’s shuttle pick up service.

Café Greco

Café Greco is famous for its fresh and healthy drinks. Here, you will find real Dutch and English meals. The staff is friendly, and the service time is short. Café Greco also serves the best ice coffee in town. It is also one of few places to serve moussaka.

The Global Village Kafe

Further south, you will find The Global Village Kafe. We didn’t include it in the list simply for its amazing food. It has something more to offer. It is a special atmosphere. Here, everyone is welcome. The differences between us do not matter. The décor is beautiful, and the location is central – you can visit here easily from any place within Lovina. When you arrive, there will be many options to choose from. You can try chicken souvlaki, falafel wrap, samosa, Gado Gado, an apple pie, or even a pepperoni pizza.


Here is another great tip – why not stay at Bali Villa Bloom and enjoy the fine cuisine? Our private chef Penny can prepare amazing meals for everyone.


Your personal chef at Villa Bloom Bali, Penny, and her villa attendants are there for you to prepare daily breakfast, lunch and dinner. All snacks and meals can be ordered from and extensive suggestion menu offering a wide array of Western and Asian, vegetarian and children’s dishes. There is also an array of cook books to choose dishes from. Penny is also happy to tailor meals to suit special requests and dietary needs.

Meals can be a simple affair, a barbecue in the middle of the garden, or a grand banquet according to your whims.  We recommend that you try some of Penny’s special Indonesian and Balinese dishes for a true cultural experience.

Our private chef Penny has 20 years of experience and has mastered a wide range of cooking styles. She is a passionate cook who understands taste and texture and can cater for individual preferences.

The fully equipped gourmet kitchen of Villa Bloom Bali serves a range of healthy styles: Vegan, Vegetarian, Raw Food, Ayurvedic and Macrobiotic cooking. Of course also mainstream styles are covered with dishes from the Indonesian, Indian, Italian and Mexican kitchen.

Breakfast is homemade granola and homemade yoghurt, fresh fruits and eggs any style. Your bread will be delivered early in the morning and your freshly grounded hand roasted Kintamani Arabica cappuccino or espresso will make you celebrate the start of a new beautiful day.

A specialty is Villa Bloom’s sunset BBQ. Just imagine yourself hanging out in our dedicated BBQ lounge area in the midst of the garden sipping your drinks while watching the sun kiss the sea, your kids play soccer and Penny turning the catch of the day on the grill.

In the kitchen there is a selection of cookbooks we think are the best when it comes to tasty healthy food. We encourage you to have a look and pick your favourite meal, snack, cake or cookies to be prepared freshly for you.

Guests will be asked to provide grocery money in advance, and the staff will do the shopping and keep the receipts for reference.  To make the most of the kitchen and give staff time to shop, it is a good idea to plan meals with the staff the evening before.