Children simply love Villa Bloom Bali. They don’t want to leave and they like to take the staff to their home country. Why is Villa Bloom so suitable for families with children

Villa Bloom is fully equipped for kids. From our own experience we understand how practical that is. The villa provides a baby cot, a baby bed, 2 baby chairs and children’s tableware. There is 2 toddler/kids life jackets available. We have 2 baby car seats and 1 booster for safe transport, and 2 kids helmets would you rent a motorbike.

There is plenty of toys, from duplo blocks, puzzles, books and colouring sets, to games, cars, dolls and a train track play set.

This is a unique feature of Villa Bloom and keeps children really entertained, as they tend to miss playing with toys on their holidays, or they get bored with just the few toys they could bring from home.

There is beach toys, and a ‘castle’ with slide into the pool.  The pool has a shallow part so that children can gain confidence with swimming first. 

The pool is situated two levels down from the main house with non-slippery tiles all over the property.

Kids will be grateful because there is space for Parkour and Free Running in the garden, and play-areas situated all over our 3,500 sqm property. It’s carefree and safe. There is a mini soccer field in the garden.

Children jump in the pool and love the marsh mallows on the BBQ. And all you parents have to do is find peace of mind, Relax and get a Massage while the Private Chef prepares a Healthy Dinner or Sunset BBQ.

There is plenty of DVD’s, a loudspeaker (kids disco!) and beach toys. The villa provides snorkelling gear for kids. Our manager and chef Penny is available for babysitting, if parents like to have a dinner or massage together in town.

Children at the villa are never bored and also like to join in activities like cooking classes and ‘helping’ in the kitchen. Our daughter Isis made a video about the nearby town of Singaraja, that can be seen below. And one of our guests children was so enthusiastic about the Villa Bloom, she made a short video show below too. 

Just because children love it so much at Villa Bloom, here is a few extra pictures

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